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Kathmandu, Nepal


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breathe the fresh, herbal aroma of the Himalayas! .....


We have been producing incense in Kathmandu since 1998, made with highest quality selected plants and extracts from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, and sourced from Tibet, India, Latvia and Australia.
Completely free of artificial aromatics or dyes.
Entirely hand processed to retain maximum aroma.

We do not compromise on quality - if we can't get the best quality ingredients, we stop production!

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Commendations from the "Olfactory Rescue Service":

"Kathmandu's  Dhoop Factory incense.  

This line of eight incenses, is, in my so-far, limited Nepalese experience, my favorite. Dhoop Factory incenses can be sampled in a gift box or purchased in two sizes. It has to be said that the packaging on most if not all of these boxes is exquisite and eye catching.

More than any other, Tibetan or Nepalese incense is probably one of the most difficult areas to explore. The cheaper brands are analagous to charcoal punks, although usually with incense like this it's usually cheap cedarwood that acts as the blank and I've encountered companies whose different incenses seem like slight variations on the same stick. Sticks like this are generally a waste of money ..."

"This Kathmandu, Nepal incense company is really starting to become a favorite. Last night I got home and not long after I was really tired, so crashed out for a little while, which threw my schedule off pretty badly. Anyway, later when trying to sleep for the night, I was burning the Ganden (third down), one of the line that I wasn’t quite as impressed with and it absolutely fit the mood, almost perfectly. As the description states, there’s a sage-like quality to this, but it’s not as overwhelming as regular sage can be and was quite balanced. Found it totally relaxing, even burned a second stick, which means I’m going to need more than the little gift pack sample. I think the only one in the line I’m not fond of is the Lhasa. Anyway, for all the talk of wonderful Indian and Japanese incense, I find myself, lately, burning more and more of the Tibetan. Cheers to the Medicine Buddha!"


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